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Based on current knowledge about what human beings need in their lives in order to flourish and thrive, you get about 15 quick questions where you score yourself and reveal your personal pinch points.

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And remember - it's free, and you can do it as many times as you like. In fact it's a good way to chart your ongoing progress in the areas you want to change.


Your basic physical health: the foundation of your system, upon which all else depends.


Your psychological health: so important, closely related to your physical health and often under attack in our busy modern lives


Your relationships: almost the most important factor in your well-being (well maybe oxygen is slightly more important, but not very much!)

About Barbara

Barbara is an experienced and professionally qualified Personal and Executive Coach, with a background in health and social care management and a particular interest in well-being and resilience. She specialises in supporting PPUPs ( Professional People Under Pressure) to improve their well-being, effectiveness and resilience.

She contributes regularly to social media and writes for the Life Coach Directory and others.

Barbara is UK based and can work worldwide by phone, skype or online meeting.

Barbara M Bates BA(Hons) SRN(ret’d) MInstLM MAC  

Personal and Executive Coaching for Professional People Under Pressure